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  • ASSEMBLY GLUE For Indoor and Outdoor use, it can be painted and is water-resistant. For all materials, ideal for glueing under extreme conditions. Packaging available:   130-300ml.

  • EPOXY GLUE Instant double component adhesive in syringe, with high tensile strength and resistant to high temperatures.                       For Indoor and Outdoor use. Packaging available:  25 ml.

  • UNIVERSAL ANTI-MOULD Acetic silicone sealant for household and DIY use. To seal all non-porous materials. Packaging available:   80ml in cartridge.

  • EPOXY PLASTER High resistence. Fireproof, water, solvent and chemical-resistant. Can be modelled like clay and hardens like steel. Packaging available:   57 g in a tube.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items