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  • CONSOLIDATING EFFECT Blocks characteristic crumbling of stone, marble and soft surfaces which deteriorate when in contact with water and humidity and become weak and crumbly. Packaging available:   750ml.

  • ANTI-STAIN WITH STRONG WET FINISH Water-repellant treatment for sandblasted, tumbled or untreated marble and natural stone. Ideal for mosaics, rosettes and greca tiles Packaging available:   750ml.

  • TERRACE WATERPROOFING Specific for tiled surfaces to block water seepage. Forms a waterproof barrier to stop the floor cracking. Packaging available:   1-2-5l.

  • INDEPTH PRIMER Water-based treatment to deep clean absorbent terracotta and natural stone to improve yield and application of a subsequent treatment. Packaging available:   750ml.

  • UNIVERSAL WATER REPELLENT Specific for external coverings (exposed facade, exposed cement, bricks) Prevents absorption of water and humidity.Packaging available:   1-5l.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items