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  • TOILET BOWL DISINFECTANT Cartridge disinfectant detergent that releases an intense blue colour. The cartridge provides 1000 doses (flushes). Packaging available:   cartridge. 

  • STRONG W.C. DESCALER In Gel, formulated for deep cleaning and hygiene of toilets.  Quickly removes furring, limescale and every deposit. Packagings available:   750ml – 5l. 

  • MULTI-PURPOSE DESCALER DETERGENT Multi-purpose Detergent, Rinse and Shine. For taps, Ceramic Tiles, Metals. Packaging available:   750ml-5l. 

  • MULTI-PURPOSE DESCALER DETERGENT Detergent - Descaler for toilets and taps. Specific for bedroom worktops - Concentrated and perfumed. Packaging available_   1l-5l. 

  • WIDE SPECTRUM SANITIZ VAPORISER Wide spectrum sanitizer. Ideal for cleaning and sanitizing toilets (specific for WC bowls). Packaging available:   250ml-vaporiser. 

  • DESCALER TREATMENT FOR WC CISTERN DEK FLOW is a formulation based on buffered and concentrated acids, specific for descaler treatment of inner and outer wc cisterns. Completely solves limescale problems without any residual after treatment. Does not damage and deform plastic or rubber components.Available package: 1 liter bottle

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items