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  • CREAMY HANDWASH FOR OFFICE USE Neutral pH, delicate and perfumed. Ideal handwash for use in offices and service centres Packaging available:   750ml.

  • SELF-THICKENING LIQUID HANDWASH IN GEL  Very high concentration, can be diluted in water up to five times. Self-thickening. For heavy duty dirt, such as burnt oil, diesel, hydraulic, printer’s ink, etc.Packaging available:   5l.

  • CREAMY HANDWASH Creamy handwash specific for use by clientele. Excellent fragrance and delicate on the skin. Packaging available:   5l.

  • ANTI-MICROBIAL HANDWASH  Liquid soap with anti-microbial action to clean and disinfect operators’ hands in the sector of catering, food preparation and commercialisation and the supply chain in the agro-food sector. Guaranteed to respects and protect the skin. Packaging available:   5l.

  • TOP-OF-THE-RANGE ANTI-BACTERIAL HANDWASH  Formula enriched with precious substances. Anti-bacterial handwash for those who handle food, especially meat. Its physiological 5.5 pH closely resembles the skin pH. This ensures it respects and treats the user’s skin with the utmost care. Packaging available:   5l.

  • TOP-OF-THE-RANGE NEUTRAL CREAM HANDWASH Avant-garde formula with surfactants used in cosmetics. The ammide from coconut oil ensures the product softens and protects the skin. As a result, it is often used as a shower cream or bubble bath. When rubbed, it releases a pleasant, delicate perfume and the specific components make it easy to rinse off. Packaging available:   5l.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items