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  • STAINLESS STEEL STRIPPER Acid pH formula to clean and maintain stainless steel. Removes oxidation, cleans and polishes simultaneously Packaging available:   25l.

  • ALKALINE DETERGENT FOR WASHING Covers a wide spectrum and is concentrated. Suitable for any use by simply changing the concentration. It was designed with safety in mind Packaging available:   25-210l.

  • ALKALINE DETERGENT FOR DIFFICULT JOBS Specific for the food sector. Rapidly eliminates grease, oil, tannin and other caked or carbonised deposits. Packaging available:   5-25 l.

  • DETERGENT TO CLEAN LUBRICANT CIRCUITS Additive fluid, formulated specifically to clean hydraulic circuits, compressors, engines and transmissions. Packaging available:   5l.

  • NEUTRAL ABRASIVE DETERGENT In cream, it cleans and polishes, and eliminates scratches, oxidation and spotting on metals. Specific for aluminium doors and windows. Packaging available:   25-210l.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE DEGREASER Guarantees excellent cleaning in industry in general on any metal and non-metal surface. Packaging available:   5-25-210l.

  • MACHINE TOOL DETERGENT Medium alkalinity, concentrated, it guarantees perfect cleaning without damaging the paint on all machine tools. Can be used as an excellent universal detergent. Packaging available:   5-25l.

  • GRAFFITI REMOVER For METAL surfaces. This is a natural, 100% biodegradable product of plant origin, studied specifically to remove graffiti and vandalic writing from any metal surface. Packaging available:   500ml.

  • SANITIZING DETERGENT Combines the sanitizing strength of the quaternary ammonium salts, with medium detergent active ingredients. Ideal for everyday cleaning of any surface in toilets. Fresh Pine fragrance.Packaging available:   5-25l.

  • PROFESSIONAL DETERGENT Concentrated, with a wide spectrum, it removes any type of dirt, fat, grease, in total safety from any metal and non-metal surface. Packaging available:   1-5-25-210l.

  • NEUTRAL DEGREASER Super concentrated with de-emulsifying effect to rapidly remove fat, oil and industrial dirt from any surface. Packaging available:   5-25l.

  • PARTS WASHER DEGREASER Alkaline on average, specific for parts washers and floor washers. Packaging available:   10l.

Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items