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  • SELF-THICKENING LIQUID HANDWASH IN GEL Very high concentration, can be diluted in water up to five times. Self-thickening. For heavy duty dirt, such as burnt oil, diesel, hydraulic, printer’s ink, etc. Packaging available:   5l.  

  • NEUTRAL PH UNIVERSAL HANDWASH Specific liquid handwash for average dirt. For office use, it can be diluted at 50% in water. Packaging available:   5l.

  • INDUSTRIAL LIQUID HANDWASH With a neutral pH it is an excellent handwash for industrial use, where an abrasive handwash is not suitable for the skin. Packaging available:   750ml.

  • CREAMY HANDWASH FOR OFFICE USE Neutral pH, delicate and perfumed. Ideal handwash for use in offices and service centres Packaging available:   750ml.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items