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  • CYANOACRYLATE FOR RUBBERS & PLASTICS For porous, irregular and vertical surfaces. It has a longer workability time than the liquid version, so there is time to check the exact position of the pieces.  

  • CYANOACRYLATE FOR RUBBERS & PLASTICS It is formulated for India rubber, polypropylene (NR), nitrilic rubber (CR), ethylene propylene (EPDM) and all types of natural and synthetic rubber. 

  • CYANOACRYLATE FOR POROUS MATERIALS For absorbent materials (leather, cork, soft wood, porousrubber, ferrite, ceramics, porcelain,  plastic foam), vertical surfaces, surfaces with a tolerance of up to 0.20 mm Enables pieces to be mended within seconds. 

  • UNIVERSAL CYANOACRYLATE To glue: Metal-metal/rubber-metal/plastic materials - rubber/plastic materials - various plastic materials - ceramics - porcelain - glass - leather. In various applications: mechanics, electronics, optics, watch-making, office machines, jewellery, etc.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items