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  • MOLYBDENUM DISULPHIDE GREASEParticularly suitable for lubricating parts subjected to very difficult conditions. Lubrication of bearings, articulated joints, discs bearings, joints, gear wheels, skids, articulated arms, pulleys, buckets, etc. 

  • GRAPHITE GREASE Infusible and with EP additive. Ideal to lubricate moving parts exposed to heat, earth moving, agricultural and construction machines. 

  • GREASE FOR BEARINGS Fulfills the requirements for lubrication under “extreme pressures”. Ideal to lubricate BEARINGS with sliding and rolling friction subject to high loads and vibrations.

  • UNIVERSAL LITHIUM GREASE To lubricate vehicles, self-propelled and fixed industrial work-site machinery. For hinges, gears, locks, pins, wheel hubs, skids, cables, sheaths, etc. 

  • COPPER-BASED GREASE Specific for high temperatures (over 1,000°C) or as a lubricant under conditions of Extreme Pressure. It can be used in all situations requiring excellent anti-seize, anti-corrosion and lubricant strength with very heavy loads.         

  • TRANSPARENT SILICONE GREASE To lubricate valves, taps, chains, roller tables, mould anti-adhesive, electric and electronic assembly, insulators, joints, brackets, seals, vacuum bell-jar covers, probes.       

  • TECHNICAL VASELINE GREASE Reduces friction and prevents mechanical movement from blocking. For locks, hinges, shutters, screw caps. Protects rubber etc. and makes wooden parts move smoothly Packaging available:   125 – 500 -1000ml. 

  • FOOD GREASE Complies with the requisites of the strictest specifications issued by authorities such as the F.D.A. and F.U. Lubrication of machine parts used to produce food products: PASTA, BREADSTICKS, FRUIT PROCESSING, DAIRY AND PRESERVES INDUSTRIES  

  • GRASSO PTFE GREASE (TEFLON) Specific for the long term lubrication of METAL/METAL, METAL/PLASTIC, PLASTIC/PLASTIC couplings. Also ideal for marine engines, garden machines, vehicles in general, especially if subjected to condensate, rain and water jets

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items