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  • STEEL SPRAY The best solution where a steel-based protector is required, such as on stainless steel welding.                                                       Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

  • ANTI-ADHESIVE Colourless and odourless, excellent smoothener and with very strong releasing power. Enables plastic to be easily removed from the mould, simply on opening.                                                        Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

  • AIR & ICE As air, use it to dust keyboards, printers, screens, electronic boards, etc. As a cooler, it is useful for looking for faults in electronic equipment components which have broken down. Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

  • FOAM CLEANER UNIVERSAL Use. Combines the emollient power of the foam that encorages dirt that has penetrated the fabric fibres to dissolve and the detergents which use surfactants to eliminate the dirt.                                                      Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

  • SYNTHETIC ANTI-ADHESIVE Excellent Anti-adhesive lubricant. Ideal for moulding plastic and rubber materials.Excellent for working with wood, ideal on platens, to avoid adhesion of drops of glue, or as sliding aid on plane.                                                   Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

  • LITHIUM GREASE Guarantees perfect lubrication and anticorrosive protection over time.  In the automobile, nautical, construction and agricultural sectors.                                                          Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

  • COPPER-BASED GREASE To lubricate at high temperatures of over 1000°C. Excellent grip, anti-corrosion and lubricant.                                                        Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

  • TEFLON-PTFE-BASED GREASE Excellent resistance to rubbing and mechanical stress. Lubricant  and Smoothing Effect. Forms a very minute layer.                                                         Packaging available:   400ml Spray.  

  • GREASE FOR CHAINS Ensures clean, smooth lubrication with above average performance.
It is an ideal Universal Lubricant, even though it was designed specifically for cables and chains. Does not damage seals and O Rings                                                      Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

  • WATER REPELLENT Removes water and humidity Protects against oxidation and sea water Has excellent cleaning power. Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

  • DASHBOARD POLISHER Silicone-based, it cleans and shines dashboards in the automobile sector. Repels dust. Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

  • TYRE BLACK To revive tyres and rubber fabrics WITH silicones. Instantly revives the natural shine and protects and renews the surfaces treated. Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

Showing 1 - 12 of 35 items