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  • OIL FOR THREADING Ensures continual lubrication if sprayed along the cutting wire. Applied to the surface, it remains adhesive to ensure heat dispersion and prevent the tool from overheating.                                                        Packaging available:   400ml Spray. 

  • VASELINE OIL Lubricates without staining and does not blend with dust. Increases smoothness, counteracts friction. Repels humidity from any surface.
 It has numerous fields of application, such as lubricant, protective or smoothing                                                       Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

  • SILICONE OIL Lubricates at high and low temperatures. Excellent in preventing grinding and squeaking noises. Protects and cares for tyres. Offers water repellent protection, even on rubber fabrics. Antioxidant for metal and steel. Odourless and colourless                 Packaging available:   400ml Spray.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items