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  • SAFETY DESCALING AGENT FOR AIR CONDITIONERS Removes inorganic residues (rust, encrustations) and organic ones as smog, dust etc..) Its formulation, based on light and buffered acids, makes it safe and suitable to clean all metallic surfaces (included aluminum and its alloys, galvanized sheets and painted surface.

  • AIR CONDITIONER LIQUID SANITISING DETERGENT SANITISING: with salts quaternary ammonium. DETERGENT: thanks to surfactants NEUTRAL pH: does not leave any residue SAFE: does not attack air conditioners components. Does not contain any acid

  • ANTISLIDING FOR BELTS ADHERENCE Maximum belt efficiency POWER Increase transmission power, eliminates sliding LIFETIME Prevents belts from wear

  • Guarantees perfect cleaning and sanitisation against the main bacteria in rooms with air conditioning. It lasts from a minimum of 10 up to 25 days. Particularly useful for the car industry.

  • SANITIZING FOAM DETERGENT FOR AIR CONDITIONERS PENETRATING: Foam immediately sticks on surfaces and penetrates deep. SANITIZING: Thanks to the salts quaternary ammonium DETERGENT: Thanks to the active foam and surfactants SAFE: Raw materials which compose the product, do not attack air conditioners materials

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items